February3 , 2023

    Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship: Through Investment


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    Suppose you are a citizen of UAE planning to invest and become a citizen in another country. In that case, the Antigua & Barbuda investment may be the best opportunity available for you. Get help from citizenship by investment companies in Dubai to apply for one.

    Antigua and Barbuda is a Caribbean nation that is surrounded by beautiful beaches known for their white sand and scenic beauty. Water sports, carnivals, and sailing cruises are some of the time passes loved by the tourists visiting there. Along with being a beautiful place, it also has a well-planned infrastructure, educational facilities, job vacancies and chances to grow your business, which tempts people to become citizens.

    What are the Choices?

    There are four main choices for foreign nationals to invest in Antigua and Barbuda to become second citizens of the nation. They are:

    • Any person must contribute $150,000 worth amount to West Indies university.
    • He must fund $1,500,000 to help in establishing an authorized company there.
    • He must donate to the NDF $100,000 worth of amount if it is for individual citizenship and $125,000 for 4-member family citizenship.
    • He must spend $400,000 amount to buy real estate that the government specifies or make $200,000 worth of joint acquisition of a property in the nation.

    What Can Investors Get?

    The option is one of the most straightforward and fastest ones available in front of foreign nationals to become a citizen in the Caribbean nation. The Antigua and Barbuda citizenship cost is considered one of the cheapest globally. Here are some of the benefits that you can acquire if you are planning to spend some funds on investment. They are:

    • Any person investing a minimum amount specified by the government of Antigua and Barbuda in any options available is awarded second citizenship there. It allows them to stay, work and study in the nation for a period of five years.
    • Investing in any real estate in the nation can provide you citizenship there, which is considered one of the most powerful ones globally, providing free access to more than 100 countries, including the Schengen and the United Kingdom.
    • There are no dividend, interest, estate or personal income taxes for people who acquire the second citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. Also, they need not pay any tax for capital gains, wealth or inheritance.
    • The Caribbean nation is known for the various opportunities that are available for its citizens to grow their personal and professional skills.
    • You can retain your old citizenship in your home country along with acquiring the second citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda.
    • There is no necessity to have skills, experience or qualifications to apply through investment.