February8 , 2023

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    Immigrating to Australia from India has seen a massive surge in recent years. The country is said to have more than 160,000 Permanent Residents in 2020-2021 from India. Making it the second-largest nation holding the number of PR visas in Australia. The attractive salary package, readily available jobs, the higher opportunity for business growth, and improved quality of living attracted most foreign nationals, including Indian citizens, to Australia. Apply under any three options available and get a PR visa to migrate to Australia from India.

    PR Pathways Available for Australia

    A permanent resident visa is a permit that allows a person from a foreign country to enjoy all the privileges in Australia available for the residents there, including education and healthcare, but not voting rights. With it, the person can stay in the country for five years. It is also a stepping stone to getting citizenship in Australia.

    Family Stream

    Spouses, children, or dependent relatives are now given a chance to get the PR in Australia through sponsorship from a family member. The sponsor must be a settled Australian citizen or PR above 18 years. In addition, he must be financially healthy to pay for the security bond.

    Skill Based Stream

    It is an option that lets Indian professionals ready to work in Australia to become a PR. The person must have a specific skill listed in the country’s occupation list (SOL), work experience in the same field, and equivalent qualifications.

    Business and Investment Stream

    It is an option where the Indian national who is financially healthy is given a PR in the country if he is willing to invest. The applicants must have held a PR visa in Australia to become eligible for at least a year. The option allows business owners to establish a new or develop an existing company.

    The Criteria to Apply for the PR

    People who fulfill all the necessities are awarded maximum points. Anyone who scores a minimum of 65 points in the point grid can get a PR visa irrespective of the options. Here are some of the most general criteria you must consider while applying for a Permanent Residency in Australia.

    • You are ideal for applying if your age group is between 25 and 32, which will award you 30 points.
    • People getting an 8-band score in IELTS or any other English proficiency test will be granted an extra 20 points.
    • An additional 15 points are available for people who have 8 to 10 years of work experience in India.
    • A doctorate is awarded the highest educational qualification with 20 extra points.
    • If you have a partner who is skilled as per the list and meets all the requirements, then you are likely to get an additional 10 points.

    If you are planning to get an Australia visitor visa from India, contact the expert consultants today and know the details for the visa application.