May30 , 2023

    Complete Guide to Apply for a Trade License for Business in Abu Dhabi


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    A trade license is any document or certificate that allows the applicant to conduct a trade or business in Abu Dhabi. It is a must for every business that functions in the area. The department of economic development in Abu Dhabi is the one that regulates and conducts the process of trade license application. A business can import or export goods, do commercial activities and do advertisements only after receiving the permit or license. Get pro services today if you are new in the country and do not know much about the process and requirements.

    Requirements to Apply for the Trade License

    • There must be a certificate showing the company and trade name,
    • A license form, which the shareholders in the company must duly sign,
    • The shareholders must have a valid passport and must produce the copies that are required,
    • A valid naturalization certificate and its photocopies,
    • There must be a letter from the ministry of economy and planning authorizing the formation of the company,
    • A valid resident permit on the name of the owner and its copies,
    • A letter that approves the business activities, which are proposed and signed by the respective authorities,
    • A proper clearance and non-objection certificate from the local sponsor, if any in the form of a letter,
    • A formal memorandum of association made by the business with the local sponsor,
    • A document from the respective bank which authenticates the claimed finances of the firm, and 
    • There must be a copy of the formal contract of tenancy of the business.

    You will have to pay an amount as the fee for applying for the trade license. Make sure you get the receipt after making the payment.

    Process Involved in Acquiring a Trade License in Abu Dhabi (h2)

    • First, you will have to select the type of license for your business,
    • Then, narrow down the activities of the company, you must make sure to select only ten per license,
    • Select a proper structure and legal status for your company,
    • Choose an appropriate name of trade for your company as per the rules of the UAE government,
    • Then, apply for the initial approval to the authorities,
    • After you receive the approval, register the trade name for your company,
    • Get a local Sponsor and sign the memorandum of association with him,
    • Select an appropriate location to establish your company and make sure to get the contract of tenancy,
    • Collect all the required documents for the application, and 
    • Finally, submit the documents to the respective authority (i.e., DED) for the final approval and get the trade license to start the business. 

    Contact the experts today to learn more about how you can apply for a trade license Abu Dhabi.