September28 , 2023

    Major FAQs about Built-in Wardrobes You Never Heard


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    One of the very first thoughts after moving to your own house is to get fully built-in wardrobes. It gives full liberty of customization i.e., desired size, space, design etc. When you plan to get your fully customized inbuilt closet Dubai, make sure that you’ve in-depth info about them. It is great to know the core info about your chosen options to go for a wiser decision. Some FAQs are being shared about built in wardrobes Dubai to keep you familiar with everything (from pros to drawbacks) about them.

    1. The Fitted Closets: It’s the other name for a built-in wardrobe that can’t be moved anywhere once you get it fixed in a room. By its name, one can know that the wardrobe is built into the wall. It occupies all the space and gets fixed to the accurate dimensions made for it. 
    2. Impact on House Resale Value: Well, it’s true that a fitted wardrobe maximizes the space of a room but can’t guarantee any rise in the resale value of the house. It is likely that an owner-to-be doesn’t like to have inbuilt closets or he wants to remove them. However, you can also enjoy a higher sale price with such up-to-date renovations. It totally depends upon the choices and interests of the new house owner.
    3. Standalone vs Built-in Wardrobes: Both types of closets have some advantages and drawbacks. The inbuilt wardrobes offer you more space and allow you to get customized the way you like. On the other hand, it can’t be moved anywhere. The standalone wardrobes cost lesser than fitted ones. These are simpler to install and carry without any doubt.
    4. Things to Consider to have an Inbuilt Wardrobe: Always keep a few things in mind when you’re all set to spend on the fitted closets. Make sure that the overall cost of this wardrobe totally depends upon its material, configuration, construction, and size. The cost even varies with the colors as well. 
    5. The Advantages of Fitted Closets: You’re going to have more storage with a lot of space utilization. Even if your room has a smaller space, it can be made according to the available space. In short, your larger standalone wardrobe can give you a tough time getting a proper space in a small-sized room. You will get more customization options as per your needs in fitted wardrobes. The readymade wardrobes can’t allow you to include additional hangers, rods, accessories, and shelves. 

    After going through the shared FAQs, you can get proper know-how about the fitted wardrobes. The shared guidelines can help you better decide whether to go for fitted closets or standalone ones. Your built-in wardrobes Dubai would be an ideal choice if you’ve bought your own house and plan to live there for a long term. Make sure that your closet dubai would be made with ideal quality material and choose the appropriate size for it. Design should be as per the color theme of your room.